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Funtasy Toy Store

Funtasy was bought by the present owner (Cynthia Myers) in 2000. Since then the shop has moved / expanded 4 times and the present location is a bit strained for space. The magic of Funtasy is the wide variety of different toys and games.


Funtasy Nottingham Road sell handcrafted wooden toys and a selection of imported kids toys. The shop can be found at the Nottingham Road Junction complex in the KZN midlands. Get unique toys and gifts that aren’t available at commercial toy stores like handmade rocking horses, doll houses and wooden cars and airplanes. Get Christmas and Birthday gifts while shopping on the Midlands meander. Children an also play in the complex’s play area while parents grab a bite to eat at the restaurant, a candle dipping shop and archery range also provide great entertainment for the young ones. Most are not found in Mall type shops

For an overview of some of the things we stock please visit our page and browse our vast range of toys!

General items:

• Golf, hockey and cricket sets
• Bug boxes
• Barbi clothes
• Huge range of mystery puzzles and games
• Coughlan's science range

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The ‘Wooden Toy Shop’ – please come in and browse – you will delight in our miniature kitchen appliances, blackboards, strollers, farmyards, garages etc. Our ever- changing range of bookends, lamps, kiddies chairs, toy boxes are well worth seeing and of course the rocking horses are a must!

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